Hidden Haven Resort & RV's and Hidden Haven CIC
36242 Rush Lake Loop
Otter Tail, MN 56571
e-mail: hiddenhaven@hiddenhaven.com

Welcome to Hidden Haven Resort & RV's and Hidden Haven CIC 


Hidden Haven CIC 

What is a CIC?  

It's a Common Interest Community - Think Condo association but with a resort  atmosphere.

Think of going to the lake and never having to mow once you got there!  Our beach is a "0" entry beach, meaning easy for even the littlest of peeps (no steep embankments to get to the water). Our shoreline is sandy bottom and the shallow water extends out at least 100 feet from shore where it is roughly 3 feet deep.

So, how does this work?

  • You purchase a cabin, and pay a one-time fee that goes into the CIC expenses account
  • Yearly association dues pay for garbage, lawn care, beach, docks, CIC liability insurance and CIC property taxes on all the green space and common interest buildings.
  • You are responsible for - home owners insurance on the cabin, property tax on the square footage of your cabin, electricity, gas, and cable.

We have formed a beautiful small CIC community full of great people.  If you want the joy of owning your own lake home without all the work, give us a call or send an email.    

hiddenhaven@hiddenhaven.com  or  847-867-6736